What i want to do before i go to nursing

There's no question for a nurse -- it's a difficult career

Blood. Skip it. All kinds of bodily fluids. And you never thought you'd see in your life

Nurses. That's great, isn't it?

Most people who want to look after the sick, because they can handle all these things. Things like us ordinary people can do

They have a big purpose and passion. The nurses want to help people. They want a career to be rewarded. They don't bother, what it means is that they pull all the nights and completely overburden the workload

Elizabeth Salvati, Academic Program Technologist at the nurses ' laboratory

Both nurses had a passion for having an impact and helping others. However, even though their passion was here, it does not mean that it was easy

This is what Victoria and Elizabeth needed to say about some of the problems they had as students, and how they felt it was important that people knew before they decided to go to medical personnel

What do you think is important for people to know before continuing to work at the university? (ALL) What would you be surprised by the people in the nursing program? The final candidate is what qualities you must succeed

So, how did you know that the care of the patients was really for you?

What makes the perfect student a student other than that he's passionatedly helping other people? Elizabeth said it was important for students to adapt and have exceptional time management skills and willingness to change

Those who cannot accept constructive criticism cannot cope with the stress or can't even cope with the smell, which, as you have never thought, will be difficult, she will explain

Victoria, working with sick kids day and day

A job that can have a certain maximum, but also very low. She explained how much she depended on having a large system of support, mostly made up of other nurses, so that she would go through those bad days, but she had no doubt that she was accepting a specific person who could cope with the strain and demands of helping the sick children. "Many of the emotions that you have experienced over several shifts and learn how to deal with them is one of the most difficult things," Victoria said

On the other hand, however, Victoria explained that many aspects of her work were worth the cost. "We are working with some of the bravest and most resilient patients and families, and we share their successes just as they are."

What they didn' t prepare for

It is very difficult to fully prepare for any program, the university is a huge change for all. You can expect new problems, surprises, and you learn about yourself. And sometimes, you won't know if anything is right for you until you try

But Elizabeth wants her to know that she will never be completely ready for you to lose a patient. And not only the first

"Every death is so different from a particular person that has passed, and every one of them seems to be staying with you forever." She also mentioned that she wanted to know that she was really meant to be a nurse, who went well after the assessment and nursing

"We take many of the roles that are sometimes unexpected." One thing I'd like to know is that I'm going to meet the amazing people who make a huge contribution to my life, " she said. The role of the nurse is to take care of patients and their families and leave them with long-term and positive effects

However, Victoria did not expect how many patients and families would be able to resist. "I never knew I was so deeply touched by people who were once completely outsiders."

The nurse could be an incredibly career career

However, it is necessary for a person to be attracted to other people. They're also interested in what they're learning

Elizabeth and Victoria are happy to share their stories of the highest and lowest places

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to being passionate and hard-working to get through these mountains and streams of learning and work in the field they loved

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