Popdcast: how to access your company's network dream

Want to learn more about creating your network and planting an interview in your company of your dreams?

Chris Ackd is another good Canadian kid from a small town

He grew up in a loving hockey game. And he wasn't sure what he wanted to do when he graduated from the university

But he knew one thing. He wanted to be a hockey player

A few coffee and a few years later

Chris got into his dream company. And he used some simple network tools

That's how he did it

(Psst. We forgot to put the Chris ' Twitter pen in the podcast. But you can

We can say that this is a fair and all day

What is important is that relationships with people within companies can help you in a number of ways:

But what if you don't know anyone inside the company you want to work with? Are you in the ass?

Not in the form of a long shot

You must get access to people, ask you to take part and join with the people you think you can build mutually beneficial ties with

Let' s read something. Network does not mean:

You should see the networks as a series of daily interactions that built their own unique community

Your community must be composed of the people you are:

Remember that every interaction is an opportunity. The real network is to make friends and understand how you can help them

I really hope you read it in Seinfeld's voice

Can we set one very important thing right now?

You really don't have to call anyone on the phone or go to the office without getting a meeting first

We can't tell you how many recruiters told us that they don't hate when the candidates do it

So please don't do this. Never

Find the people who have the job you want to do

Do any of these people get you an interview? Perhaps not, and this should not be the only goal you have

You need to meet people to learn more about your industry

And we're going to tell you how to do it

The first thing you can try is to use the general e-mail rules that will exist in your company (for example,.

But it's not always a trap

Therefore, you can try to check whether they have a "Contacts" page on their personal website

You can also try to find them on Twitter and send them a message with the question whether you will be OK if you have come by email

If you are actually in a loss, you can try to use plugins such as

Your best bet is to stick with LinkedIn, because even direct e-mail can be lost in a souffle and more often than just, easy to reject

You can find people in your industry through LinkedIn

Follow your research to see if they have written in a blog, for example, whether you can see what projects they've been working on

Start by sending one e-mail message to someone you could learn

Ask them if they're ready to do you a small favor, sharing their time or considerations

This first step is indeed a reminder that the world is not so scary, and people tend to be happy to help-when asked

Over time, one conversation leads to another, and as if you're gaining strength on monkey bars, you'll find that even if you fight with one challenge or dialogue at a time, you can travel long distances after you think of the impossible

Include links to your LinkedIn profile and to your personal site for someone to explore you

Step this template:

So you've made a new friend, perhaps by e-mail, by phone or even in the industry

What's next? The next important meeting is the following information

This is the interaction that converts a meeting to a relationship

In order to meet coffee (or tea, not all coffee drinks coffee), it shows that you are serious about your desire to learn from someone else, and the second, deeper and more specific meeting is what really determines what is likely to become a permanent link

Specify a new connection:

Be prepared to talk about:

Also ask whether they are ready to criticize your work or portfolio. An honest review from a trusted mentor might take a long way

In your turn, an interview about work?

Our free book will teach you the personal branding, the network, and the way the recruiters decide who to interview

Did we say it was free?

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Chris D' Alessandro

Chris D' Alessandro is a writer and strategy of content living in Toronto. He also has extra tattoos than he'd like to admit